New Alliance to Help Improve Investment Performance

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Cornerstone Revolutions and MacroRisk Analytics Partner Up to Help Advisors Improve Investment Performance


Cornerstone Revolutions, Inc., provider of the PowerAdvisor portfolio management system, and MacroRisk Analytics have formed an exclusive alliance to offer an integrated, robust and affordable set of tools to help advisors improve investment performance and risk-exposure in different economic conditions.

“We want to offer our advisors more than just basic analytics,” said Cornerstone President and CEO Mary Hepler. “We want them to have tools to proactively adjust client investments to reduce exposure to economic risk, and MacroRisk Analytics is the leader in that field.”

MacroRisk Analytics’ patented system is able to account for over 90 percent of price variation in most stocks, mutual funds, and indices. Its models of asset prices demonstrate excellent fit to the data and consistency over time. The models can identify asset classes and individual securities that are currently facing favorable or unfavorable economic conditions. With client portfolios and benchmarks updated daily in Cornerstone Revolution’s PowerAdvisor portfolio management system, advisors can now use the MacroRisk analytics features to easily obtain risk assessments and optimize investment strategies based on macro-economic factors.

“Advisors have traditionally used fundamental and technical analysis to help their clients make investment choices,” said MacroRisk Analytics CEO G. Michael Phillips, Ph.D. “But in today’s world of highly volatile markets affected daily by changes in the economy, it’s imperative for advisors to also understand the economic risks associated with various investments. Our research, based on empirical data and proven methodologies, enables advisors to structure their clients’ portfolios to take advantage of current and forecast economic changes.” Cornerstone and MacroRisk began exploring an alliance in the summer of 2011, recognizing the powerful solution they could jointly offer financial advisors. “The formal agreement progressed quickly,” said Hepler. “It was obvious that we shared the same corporate values – a commitment to service, flexibility and responsiveness in all that we offer.”

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About Cornerstone Revolutions, Inc. Cornerstone Revolutions, Inc. is a software and service firm specializing in user-friendly, affordable applications and support for independent investment professionals. Cornerstone has offices located in Troy, Michigan and Portland, Oregon. For more information visit or call (503) 968-7202. About MacroRisk Analytics MacroRisk Analytics is a division of the Center for Computationally Advanced Statistical Techniques (, Inc.), located in Pasadena, CA. The Center was founded in 1999 and offers an extensive collection of proprietary tools, forecasts, and advanced statistical techniques for financial and economic analysis. For more information, contact Phil Hahn, Director of Marketing and Sales at (888) 502-3605 or visit

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