MoneyGuidePro Launches Cloud-Based G3

September 19, 2012 No Comments »
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A new cloud-based version of Money Guide Pro launched recently, amid some media fanfare. Despite the attractive new features and functionality, the list price of the software at the time of the announcement did not change.

For a walk-through of the new system and its features, read Bruckenstein’s piece in Financial Advisor Magazine: Easy As Pie

In my first review of PieTech’s MoneyGuidePro over a decade ago, I was impressed by how smart yet easy to use the application was. This new cloud-based version seeks to get back to the simplicity of the original while adding functionality. For the most part, MGP: G3 succeeds. It is a better and smarter and more intuitive financial planning application than the previous version.

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For existing users, more information is available at “Everything You Need to Know about MoneyGuide Pro G3”

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