Junxure Launches Schwab Enhancements and Envestnet Integration

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V9.5 includes Schwab Openview Gateway Enhancements and Integration with Envestnet

Junxure, an advisor CRM solutions provider and practice improvement firm, today announced its latest release, Junxure Version 9.5, which enhances user experience, promotes workflow management and extends business development support. On the business development end, new features include customizable fields for advisors to easily characterize and report on various channels.

The new Envestnet integration includes an easy to use asset import tool which brings assets and accounts from the Envestnet portal into Junxure to reduce the need to access multiple platforms.

Enhancements to Junxure® with Schwab OpenView Gateway™. Workflow and user experience benefits flow from a deeper Schwab Advisor Center™ integration. These include:

  • The collection of Schwab Advisor Center Alerts that automatically generate appropriate Junxure-managed workflows. These workflows are customizable and firms may select from Junxure’s new suite of pre-built, Schwab Advisor Center-focused workflows or create their own.
  • An at-a-glance update of comprehensive Account Balance and Buying Power Detail information, without having to separately access Schwab Advisor Center.
  • Statements, tax-related and trade confirmation documents stored in Schwab Advisor Center are now available for download from Junxure via Schwab OpenView Gateway.
  • A Schwab Account Number Import that imports Schwab Advisor Center account numbers, matches accounts by SSN and by client, and excludes accounts.

With more than 10,000 users across almost 1,500 firms, it is mission critical that we are constantly evolving our software to meet our customers’ dynamic needs. These enhancements represent our steadfast focus on delivering the most robust CRM solution that includes the latest features advisors depend on most.

Junxure Co-Founder and President, Greg Friedman.

Junxure was established in 2001 by Ken Golding and Greg Friedman CFP®, a financial advisor who developed the initial Junxure software to help him streamline operations at his growing firm. Friedman
serves as President of both Junxure and Private Ocean, one of the West Coast’s most innovative wealth management firms. For more information visit www.Junxure.com

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